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We are fast
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30 days warranty
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easy and effective way to get your device repaired

1damage device
2send it to us
3fast fix
4quick return


We offer a full range of repair services provided by an experienced and specialized team

You Lose - We'll Find
Save your money! No need to buy a new machine when we can upgrade your current computer for you.
The technicians at ITRescue are proficient and skilled in all makes or models of Smartphone and are prepared to help you and your business
We provide extraordinary solutions for Tablet repair
Every brand, every size. If it’s not working properly, we fix it
We just don’t fix computers, we take care of your network, too. It doesn’t matter the size, either. Whether it’s your living room or your office or even your large company, trust ITRescue to keep everyone on your network up and running.
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